First in, First to Win for Your Successful Scrap Metal Recycling Program 


When you’re busy you need a vendor to respond quickly and accurately no matter what problem you are having or solution you need.  Whether you are a manufacturer, fabricator, demolition site manager or excavator, your scrap metal recycling program is one such area that can present needs that dictate a quick response. 

The most recent issue of The Fabricator highlights how important speed has become in business to business interactions. 

With a focus on one area of a business relationship, quoting, the article points out the need to respond quickly.  The adage “First in, first to win” sums up how these bids can often go.  As long as the presentation is thorough and answers the RFQ to solve the customer’s problems the first one in has an advantage that signals the prompt nature that your partner will do business with you.  Quotes are on the increase and the demand for information tailored to the customer’s needs have also increased exponentially.  The article notes that many of your vendors’ greatest bottlenecks are in their front offices, slowing down the process of serving the customer. 

Eliminating that friction in your scrap metal recycling program is what Sahd Metal Recycling is all about.  Sense of Urgency is one of our core values and we aspire to serve our customers in that manner, being immediately responsive to their needs.  Here are the areas where your scrap metal recycling program can be optimized to take advantage of a partner that displays a quick response time: 

  • Quoting your material- 
  • Prompt and thoughtful replies to your quoting needs are the initial impressions you receive to understand how responsive your potential scrap metal recycler will be.  They should anticipate your needs, your metal alloy mix and ask for the right pictures for the category of scrap that needs to be recycled. 
  • Visit availability- 
  • How quickly your potential vendor is available to visit will tell you a great deal about their interest in serving you.  Scheduling should be at your convenience and if available on your end within 48 hours.  The scrap metal provider should be on a mission to understand your production process from start to finish so they can recommend ways the scrap and drop recycling program can be positioned to keep production running on the shop floor.  Any scrap metal vendor should be recommending ways you can maximize the value of your metal through sortation, continued processing or simply labeling and staging of material.  Anyone looking to work with you should be looking to add to the success of your program. 
  • Timely formula pricing- 
  • After learning about your process and how to best meet your needs, a scrap metal recycling partner will send along and help share with you all of the information on the categories, reports and access you need to understand the scrap metal pricing process.  With this education you should be armed with all of the information you need to call the shots on when your material should be picked up.   
  • This initial quote timeliness should be followed up by consistent and thorough follow-up on an expected basis that you can anticipate.  For example, Sahd Metal Recycling provides monthly pricing updates so you can follow market trends and anticipate whether your metal will be worth more or less in the near future. 
  • Responding to your communication in the format you prefer- 
  • A telltale sign of a customer first approach is the vendor communicating with you in the format you prefer.  Anyone pushing a portal to make their job easier should give you a clue as to the inflexibility of the vendor.  Whether it is easier for you to email, call or text your vendor should mirror that communication mode back to you and respond as immediately as possible.   
  • Prioritizing emergency service and optimizing trucking to serve you 
  • When they do respond are they solution-oriented.  Do you hear about their policies or your needs.  Having a relationship with a scrap vendor with a sense of urgency where you are able to connect with a decision maker empowered to go to bat for you is crucial.  We have seen many instances before snowstorms, during paving projects, cleanouts or on site corporate visits where you need a vendor you can count on to drop everything and serve you immediately.  At Sahd Metal Recycling our 24-hour turnaround service guarantee is the minimum standard, we strive to overachieve and serve you within hours.  
  • Quick ticket reporting  
  • A scrap vendor that wants to work with you needs to respond to your ticketing needs.  Do you need daily load breakouts or would you rather accumulate to the end of the month?  Do you need township annual recycling reporting ASAP and can you get it?  Do you need data that the plant manager would like to use to optimize the operation?  All of these scenarios require a scrap metal recycling partner who is on your team looking to help you achieve success! 
  • Prompt Payment 
  • Does your scrap metal recycling partner pay you promptly?  Or are you often waiting for payment.  A good partner will work with you to figure out the terms most beneficial to your business.  This honest and open communication. 

All of these areas of a scrap metal recycling program require a partner that is invested in your success.  That investment will show itself in quick response times for questions, communication, need for service and ticketing and payment.  Your program is an important part of the success of your operation, no matter what sector you are in—you need a partner that will prioritize you with a great sense of urgency. 


Acceptable Materials

Appliances including:
  • Stoves
  • Microwaves
  • Washers and Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • FOR A $10 FEE—Air Conditioners

End of Life Items Including:
  • Machinery (all fluids,pans and cylinders removed)
  • Farm Equipment
  • Farm Machinery
  • Lawnmowers
  • Cast Iron Patio Furniture
  • Cast Iron Outdoor Railing
  • Sheet Metal
  • Steel Wheels
  • Steel

Nonferrous Scrap:
  • Aluminum
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Aluminum Pots and Pans
  • Aluminum Siding/Gutters/Downspouts
  • Aluminum Patio Furniture
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Aluminum Wire
  • Auto Batteries
  • Brass Fixtures/Lamps Decorative items
  • Cable, Fence and Wire
  • Christmas Lights
  • Copper
  • Copper and Brass Plumbing Pipes
  • Copper and Brass Plumbing Valves and Connectors
  • Copper Tubing
  • Copper Wire
  • Electric Motors
  • Insulated Wire
  • Radiators
  • Screen Doors/Windows (glass removed)
  • Stainless Steel

Prohibited Materials

  • Acetylene Cylinders
  • Asbestos or Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)- applies to both fibrous and solid materials
  • Any Scrap Containing Refrigerants (CFC or HCFC) (Freezers, Refrigerators)  Air Conditioners are accepted for a $10 fee
  • Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT/tube-style computer monitors or televisions)
  • Closed Compressed Gas Cylinders – high pressure cylinders with valve intact
  • Combustible or Flammable Materials – fuels, paints, degreasers, unpunctured aerosol cans
  • Corrosive Materials – highly acidic or caustic materials (battery acid, caustic soda, etc.)
  • Explosive Materials, Munitions, Shell Casings – includes suspect military scrap
  • Free Flowing Liquids (including water)
  • Hazardous Waste – toxic or poisonous materials or wastes
  • Infectious Materials – blood-soaked or biohazard items
  • Liquids or Scrap Containing Free Flowing Liquids – fuels, antifreeze, oils, hydraulic fluid, paints
  • Mercury Containing Materials – mercury-containing thermostats, switches or fluorescent light bulbs
  • Non-Metallic Items – concrete, wood, asphalt, dirt, debris, tires (more than 5 per auto)
  • PCB-Containing Materials
  • Whole tanks uncut
  • Radioactive Scrap – anything exhibiting radiation levels above background
  • Scrap with Small Capacitors that contain 50 ppm of PCBs